The Gifted Equine saves horses from unfortunate situations and provides them with the respect and high-quality care to transition to new homes that enable them to thrive. With a deep focus on the emotional and physical well-being of their rescues, the Gifted Equine team provides comprehensive rehabilitation including essential veterinary care, basic horsemanship handling, and tailored training. 

Their small but mighty team of horsewomen work with horses, minnis, and donkeys that come from all over the country. The team will often travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to rescue horses from slaughter. Each rescue is individually assessed and cared for in a way that allows their true personality and expression to emerge through the healing process. During the rehoming process each animal finds a new beginning with their forever home whether they are a companion, a therapy animal, or a riding prospect.

mini horse at the gifted equine, rescue mini horse

Why We Care

What captivates us about this remarkable team is their embodiment of the values that define Elkdog Workwear. They are skilled horsewomen who get dirty, do the heavy lifting, and make the sacrifices that improve horses' lives for the better. 

 rascue donkey and gifted equine founder

Ways to Get Involved

To learn more about The Gifted Equine’s work, visit:

Visit their donation page to make a direct contribution to their rescue efforts. 

Check out the Gifted Equine Amazon Wish List for more ways to support their initiatives.

Directly Support

Here are a few items that we have dedicated to directly funding the efforts of each partner.