All Seated in A Barn (ASIAB) is an equine rescue organization with a mission to save horses, donkeys, and zebras from the grim fate of feedlots. Each year, thousands of these animals are shipped across borders to Mexico and Canada for slaughter, serving as a heartbreaking reality of the meat industry. ASIAB's dedication lies in rescuing these animals, providing essential medical attention, and, most importantly, securing loving homes that they rightfully deserve.

With a focus on creating a positive impact, All Seated in A Barn strives to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these remarkable beings, contributing to the well-being of nearly 2,000 horses, donkeys and zebras, giving them a chance at a new life filled with love and care.

Their commitment goes beyond rescue efforts; they employ various community programs to rehabilitate the horses, simultaneously offering transformative experiences for individuals involved in these programs. These initiatives encompass equine therapy for diverse groups, including veterans, as well as facilitating foster placements for horses looking to retire from their roles as riding or therapy animals.

rehabilitated horse that was rescued by all seated in a barn

Why We Care

ASIAB is a testament to the unwavering dedication of a remarkable group of horsewomen in the California Central Valley. They go above and beyond, traveling across state lines to rescue horses that are mere days away from an unfortunate fate. Their resilience and commitment to finding joy and positivity in the face of the harsh realities of horse auctions serve as a powerful inspiration for our workwear products.

Plus, we know first hand the work they do meaningful.  In fact the first three rescues at our headquarters Elkdog Ranch came from All seated in a Barn.  

reabilitated rescue donkeys by all seated in a barn at elkdog ranch


Other Ways to Get Involved

To learn more about All Seated in A Barn work, visit: 

Learn about their fundraising events and barn tours at their Bakersfield barn location.  

Donate directly to All Seated in a Barn and if you are ready to adopt here are all the details on how. 

Directly Support

Here are a few items that we have dedicated to directly funding the efforts of each partner.