our story

Our brand's inception emerged from the 2018 Woolsey fire, when a moment marked by rising smoke and embers led to the emergency evacuation of a herd of horses onto the Malibu beach shores. 

in the healing aftermath

A horse - human community emerged

Connected through the journey of recovery and redefining the possibilities.

supporting each other

Creating a more connected future.

with the well being and preservation of the horse as the focus of the community.

Rooted in this spirit of authenticity, our brand was conceived in the quiet space of healing. Our aim, to cultivate and endorse environments and havens that nurture authentic connections with horses, ourselves, and each other.

We aspire to create products that will be well worn, well loved and contribute to making a positive impact in the equine world.


Causes We Support

Learn about our philanthropic partnerships that ensure a positive impact with every purchase.