The Cavallo Foundation is dedicated to supporting at-risk populations by fostering transformational healing, personal growth, and community through equine-facilitated learning with horses. Their core mission includes providing a sanctuary and purpose for rescued and repurposed horses, while also offering a sustainable ranch environment that disconnects individuals from electronic devices and reconnects them with animals, nature, and themselves.

Each rescued horse has a unique story that closely bonds them with the people served through Cavallo’s Equine Therapy programs. Some horses in the herd were once part of the PMU industry, where brave mothers had their hormones harvested during pregnancy to create the drug Premarin. Unfortunately, their foals became a mere byproduct of this process. Other horses at Cavallo were once pasture pets, or celebrity stallions or working horses that were discarded through auction funnels.


The team at the Cavallo Foundation works with rescue horses to provide them with the opportunity for a fulfilling life and a new purpose within the foundation. These horses find new connection and purpose in Equine Therapy, Equine Assisted Learning, and Group Facilitation programs, as well as community events that create a supportive and transformative space where individuals can grow, learn, and develop in a holistic and meaningful way.


Why We Care

The Cavallo Foundation holds a special place in our hearts and played a significant role in the creation of Elkdog Workwear. The Elkdog founding team met in the Cavallo pasture. Inspired by the foundation's commitment to creating meaningful and connected programs, and envisioning a world where horses and humans stay connected and accessible to all.   We feel privileged to support an organization that shares our vision to keep the horse and human bond accessible helping horses and people heal and connect.

Ways to Get Involved

To learn more about The Cavallo Foundation’s work at

Directly Sponsor a Cavallo Rescue Horse or purchase needed supplies on their Amazon wish list.

You can even explore volunteer opportunities if you're fortunate enough to be in sunny Malibu, California! 



Directly Support

Here are a few items that we have dedicated to directly funding the efforts of each partner.